Thursday, May 25, 2017


We had two Pennsylvania trips last weekend.  Allison and I went to Philadelphia first; she wanted to see the Liberty Bell and I was happy to see the city.  We went to a pizza restaurant the first night that served ice cream in tea cups (shown above). It was amazing.

The next morning, we started the day with Pirate Allie and headed to the Bell.

It was pretty cool.  After about 10 minutes, I suggested we take off to go see some other sights.  This initially seemed like an OK plan but then Allie got really bummed.  She wanted to see more of the Bell.  So, we went back and saw it again!

Once she was ready to leave, we walked to a great market for some brunch and then on to a very cool fountain.  She played there for two hours.

Later that night we went bowling.

The next morning, Allie discovered that she really liked bitter orange juice. 

And then we went to see the Bell one last time before we went mini golfing.  She got a hole in one!

Then she rode the carousel four times.

The golf course and carousel were surrounded by a Chinese lantern festival. 

She liked all the zodiac animals.

It was a great trip!

Allie and I drove home, Jonathan and I went to a concert, and then the four of us drove up to a different part of Pennsylvania to visit our friends the next day.  It was an exhausting ride but a very fun visit!