Friday, April 28, 2017

Botox, Round 5

Allison got Botox in her right leg again on Wednesday and everything went well.

We have to check in two hours before the procedure so we brought a board game along to fill the time. 

Soon enough, it was Allison's turn and she got to put on a cool tiger gown and bundle up in warm sheets to stay warm.

We met with the nurses, the doctor, and the anesthesiologist who talked about what they would be doing.  Allie's response "I already know that!" Then, a Child-Life Specialist came by with a mask and a bunch of scents that Allie could pick from.  After a thorough review, she picked Cake Donut.  I can't say I'm surprised.

Then she decorated her mask with stickers.

And bravely walked into the procedure room.  Getting the gas through the mask was still scary but this time they let me hold it for her until she was asleep.  She was done 10 minutes later, and by the time I got back to her recovery room she was drinking apple juice and watching cartoons.  We  left about 15 minutes after that.

She and I lounged around all day and I told her we could go to her favorite ice cream store whenever she was ready.  She asked that we wait until we picked Andrew up from school so he could come too.

It will still be a few more days until the Botox takes effect.  We shall see how it goes!

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