Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday Allison!

We celebrated Allison's 6th birthday this month.  Can you believe what a big girl she is?!?

Jonathan's parents and my mom all came to celebrate and help us get ready for the birthday party. 

Allison had a big 70-person party with some of her new and old friends.  It was great to see everyone. We had cookie decorating, valentine making, Lego building, train track playing, and outdoor ziplining to keep the kids busy.  And, of course, lots of food. 

Allie particularly liked that she had three cakes, courtesy of my mom.

And the ukulele happy birthday song, courtesy of Jonathan's mom.

To make the cookie decorating possible, my mom made a ton of cookies.  It was so chaotic, I'm not sure how she held out.


The cookie efforts, however, totally paid off.  The kids loved it!


We all had a great time, but this is how we all felt by nightfall.


This month has also been great in other ways. Allie likes to read Andrew his bedtime story.

Andrew has discovered Al the doll's butt.  He thinks it is so funny.

Allison celebrated her 100th day of kindergarten.

And, she has become very interested in weddings.  She calls this hairstyle her "getting married" hair because of the pieces falling on the side of her face.  She keeps trying to figure out whom she'll marry; she's still leaning toward Andrew even though he's her brother.  She says she'd like to live with him forever.  

We also found a new doughnut shop.  Andrew liked it.

We are working on our basement bathroom.  We went to a tile store the other day and the kids unanimously picked their favorite one.

It was also Jonathan's dad's birthday.  Allie could not understand why she had to go to school.  Isn't Papa's birthday a school holiday??? 

It has also been weirdly warm the last few weeks.  Flowers are popping out everywhere.

 Spring is around the corner!

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