Sunday, January 22, 2017

Christmas and a Happy New Year

The past month has been busy and fun, but also exhausting.  We've all been battling mini-colds for what seems like months.  Andrew fell asleep somewhere outside of his bed or carseat (shown above), which he hasn't done since he was an infant. He then promptly rolled off the couch and landed with a thud, thereby reinforcing why he prefers only to sleep in his bed. 

In contrast to Andrew's sleep aversion, Allie seems to savor sick days of lounging on the couch with her sick pillow.

We're all so pooped that the kids have started "playing nap" where they build beds and pretend snore.


Christmas was so fun this year.  Gama and Papa came to visit, which made the holiday extra special. 

They also got some great gifts, like Allie's requested Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage with 36 parking spots --- she's like a mini-Jonathan in some ways. 

Some matching clothes for Allie and Al.

And a Thomas track that shoots the trains in the air.

It was a cool load. 

Aside from Christmas, Allie has been decking out for school spirit days.

 I celebrated a birthday with a "beautiful" cake made by Jonathan.

We refinished our bedroom floor, with the help of one of our little helpers.

Jonathan sliced his hand in another home improvement project, requiring some stitches.

The kids continued their love affair with my sun glasses.

The kids had several birthday parties for their friends.

The kids and I had an enjoyable MLK holiday; we went out to breakfast together and spent some time at a bounce house warehouse.

Allie and one of her friends practiced their scrambled egg skills.

And, Allie and I spent inauguration day together, watching the ceremony, then having a girls afternoon.  She decided she liked our new president because he has nice hair; I'm pretty sure that has never been said before.

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  1. Michelle, you are hysterical! You HAVE to write a book.