Saturday, September 9, 2017

Farewell summer

First day of school! 
And just like that, school started.

It was a fun and eventful season.  Allison joined a soccer team.

Papa visited.

Allison took two swim classes and swam at her summer camp almost every day.

We went on two beach trip.  The first was to the outer banks of North Carolina---Thanks to the Cleary's for letting us crash their vacation!  Although somehow Andrew disappeared on the car ride.

 Allison loved the beach and swimming in the pool.

Andrew would have preferred to stay inside.

 The second trip was to our usual beach house in Delaware.

There were a few new changes this year.  Our dear friends brought their new baby and Uncle Mikko joined us! Or, as Andrew called him, "Uncle Funkle Volcano".  We're not sure why.  Volcano taught the kids scrabble...

Practiced driving...

 And gave some unexpected rides.

Luckily, Andrew warmed to the whole beach idea.

Allison of course continued to love it.

There were lots of other fun things too, like outdoor showers.  They're clearly superior to inside showers.

The candy was delicious.

 And, lots of games of see-where-I-can-cram-myself and seek were played.

It was all very fun, but some down time was necessary when we got back.

Allison and I had a day out together; she got a haircut, we had lunch, and she rode our local carousel a dozen times. 

There were a lot of birthday parties to attend.

An amazing eclipse to watch.

And slip and slides to break in.

Then, we spent the last week of summer in California visiting my family!  Allison cannot understand why we don't live there.

Farewell summer, you will be missed.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Andrew turns THREE!

Andrew turned three on Saturday and we celebrated with 65 of his closest friends at our house for a BBQ. Thankfully Tom, Bonnie, and my brother Mikko came out to help.

We had lots of food...


Andrew was very happy with his "BIGGEST CAKE EVER". 

He felt he had to remind his friends not to touch it.

Other than that, everyone played with toys...

And ziplined...

And just hung out.

Cake time was very exciting.

I can't believe our little boy is growing up.