Sunday, December 4, 2016

Farewell to our furry friend

Our beloved curmudgeonly cat Sam passed away last week.  He was 10 years old and was survived by his litter mate Maisie, two usually-too-loud small people Allison and Andrew who liked to try to find him when he was doing his best to avoid them, and his long-time owners Michelle and Jonathan.  He was born in Chicago and adopted at about 4 months old.  He was initially hesitant about joining his adopted family, and even slapped his sister Maisie for being so affectionate during adoption day.

Sam was a little disgruntled about Jonathan when he started coming around. He would knock over his cups, give him angry eyes, and act like Jonathan was intruding on his space. Luckily for everyone, Sam eventually warmed to his new human parent.

He lived a calm life with the exception of the time Michelle tried to walk him on a leash once.  It did not go well.

Sam was always up for a head scratch, loved meal time, and was good company.  He will be missed.

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