Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Build-up to Christmas

We're all eagerly anticipating Christmas this year.  I think it even started before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving itself was a blast.  Jonathan and his dad have a long tradition of getting up early on Thanksgiving morning, putting on baseball caps, and listening to Christmas music while prepping food.  Allie got to join in this year and put on her own baseball cap.  She didn't understand why this was a necessary step in the process but she seemed to enjoy the ritual of it.

We had some local friends over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Andrew decided to go silverware-free.  He especially liked eating the apple pie and whipped cream face first.


We then jumped right into Christmas preparation.  We decorated the tree.

Went to my work's kids holiday party.  (Andrew participated this year instead of just making me chase him!)

We set up the Christmas village.

Jonathan and Allie baked cookies.  Andrew and I ate them. 

The kids goofed off taking silly selfies.

Fell asleep reading. 

 Enjoyed seeing if they both could fit in assorted boxes.

Played outside on warmer days.

And cuddled inside when it was colder.

Jonathan and Allie went ice skating.

While Andrew and I stayed cozy at home.

Allie helped us box up some of their old toys to give away and re-discovered some old gifts in the process.

And, I practiced my braiding skills.  Allie said it was a good try but suggested I still need some lessons from her BFF Abby.

I somehow didn't take any pictures during some of our other outings, like Allie's girl scout trip to the Nutcracker, Abby's annual chocolate pretzel party, and Jonathan's birthday.  It's been a busy month! 

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  1. Great photos. Loved the play by play. You have lucky children!!! Gma