Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween this year was a mixed bag.  Allie loved it and Andrew hated most of it. 

Andrew's school had a parade, "Trunk or Treating," and a classroom party on the Friday before Halloween.  Andrew wouldn't wear his costume so he did the parade in his street clothes.  As soon as he saw me, he started saying "let's go home."  He screamed and cried the whole parade because he thought I was going to take him home but for some reason we kept walking around the perimeter of the grass. 

Here's one of his happier moments. 

We then got to "Trunk or Treating," which he enjoyed.


But when it came time to go inside for the party, all hell broke loose.  He was not OK with this.

Allison and I then went to New York and were away for the weekend. Not the best note to leave on. Luckily Bonnie came  to keep the boys company.

Halloween itself was pretty fun.  Bonnie and I watched Allie's school parade and went to her class for a party.

Bonnie, Andrew, and I hung out at the house while Jonathan and Allie went trick or treating.  Andrew did try to go to one house but got upset when he couldn't go inside to play. Maybe next year.

We tried to get a family picture but Andrew objected and collapsed on the ground behind us crying. Oh, the terrible twos.  They don't last forever... right???

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