Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fall Update

Fall is off to a busy start.  We've been visiting festivals...

and attending birthday parties.

Andrew moved into a big bed and loves it.

Allie's class had back to school night.  Here is the doppelganger that was sitting in her seat.  

 We've also been cuddling...

And celebrating crazy hair day at school.

The quadcopter that Jonathan has used to torment me in the past has reemerged.   Allie loves it and Jonathan's flying skills have improved dramatically (thankfully).  Andrew is still a little scared of it though; good thing he has his blanket.

Allie joined Girl Scouts (Daisies) and we had an introductory BBQ this weekend. I'm one of the troop leaders and we're looking forward to a fun year of activities. 

Andrew is still not loving his new school, but a lot of park time somewhat makes up for it.

The next couple weeks look to be awesome.  Allie is serving as a flower girl in her BFF Abby's wedding next weekend.  Then the following weekend, she and I are taking a girls-only trip to New York City.  Her class has been studying the Statue of Liberty and she's very excited to see it in person. 

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