Thursday, August 11, 2016

Over night EEG

Allie had her much anticipated 23-hour EEG last week and the experience went much better than the last time we did this. 

We checked in at the hospital and then had to wait a couple hours before we could enter her room.  Apparently the person in charge of cleaning her room after the last person checked out over mopped and we had to wait for the wet floors to dry.  Good thing Allie had her iPad with Frozen!

Once we got in the (very clean) room, Allie was thrilled with the whole wall of windows.

Then the EEG technician came to hook her up.  This has historically been Allie's least favorite part of EEGs.  She often yells at the poor technician saying how much she dislikes everything the person is doing.  This time, however, the woman was a pro at deflecting Allie and actually had her laughing during the set up.  I was very, very impressed!

After all the leads were on and Allie's head was wrapped up to keep them in place, she got to pick out a crazy hat to wear over everything.  The hats are made by kids and donated to the hospital along with encouraging notes.  Allie's hat was made by a 9 year old named George, and the note said "You Rock!"  She loved it. 

She also loved the race track that Gama and Papa sent.  We played with it for 6 straight hours.

Then one of her friend's parents stopped by to visit and brought her the game Connect Four as a present.

Pretty soon, Jonathan and Andrew showed up hung out until Allie's party began.  Her friend Jake came with his parents and little sister, and he brought Allie's favorite pizza.  Her friend Nathanael came too with his dad and a stuffed wolf she named Rob. 

She was pretty worn by the time everyone left.  Once it was just the two of us, we cuddled in her hospital bed eating Oreos and watching Frozen again.  We both managed to get a reasonable night of sleep and she woke up in a great mood. 

We had some breakfast, watched Cars twice, and then it was time to go.  The same technician came back but Allie didn't want the leads taken off.  I ended up unhooking them and detangling them from her hair, which she thoroughly hated.  She also hated how gooey her hair was after everything was out. 

Soon enough, we were able to leave and wash everything out.  Then, Allie was off to a birthday party as if nothing ever happened. 

I admire her resilience.  

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