Sunday, August 28, 2016

Home week

The kids were out of school this week for their summer break before Allie starts kindergarten and Andrew starts his new preschool. 

We had farewell cupcake parties in both of their classes to say goodbye to their friends.

During our week off, the lazy mornings were great.

As was the baking.

 And art parties with Daddy.

Allie got an emergency house key made.  This was particularly awesome because Home Depot had Frozen keys!

We visited some new parks.

And even rode on a carousel...

... and a train.

We had a picnic.

 Made bridges out of our legs for trains.

Went apple picking.

Andrew didn't love it.

But eventually he warmed to the idea.

We had friends come over throughout the week, including a new kindergarten friend Allie met at a school get together, and we went to the pool with one of her preschool friends.

We also went to the air and space museum.  The space shuttle was particularly amazing to see in person.

We celebrated a friend's birthday with duckpin bowling.  The kids each had their own dramatic victory dances.

And, of course we prepared for school!  The kids each got to tour their new classrooms.

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