Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Aquarium visit

Our friends and their two kids came to visit last week and we went to the National Aquarium for the first time since Allie's KKI photo shoot there (see more of our last trip here and here).  Allie was really excited to see Calypso, the big sea turtle she was photographed with.  Andrew was really excited about EVERYTHING.  

When we first walked in, they were entranced by the bubble tunnels.  It was hard to get them to leave.

But then they spotted the big open tank in the center.  Allie spotted Calypso and Andrew saw a fish a Pacific Regal Blue Tang, better known by them as the character Dory from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.  Andrew got so excited he started jumping and stomping and yelling "FOUND DORY!!!! FOUND DORY!!!"  Everyone around him laughed at his enthusiasm.

The kids also got to touch some sea creatures, including horseshoe crabs, jellyfish, and welks.

We spent about three hours there and had a great time exploring.

We made a quick stop at the gift shop to pick out a pink sparkly dolphin for Andrew and a pink sparkly sea turtle for Allie.  Allie named her's Freddy and Andrew calls his "Dolphin Fish".

We visited Jonathan at work on the way home and then spent the rest of the day recouping.  Andrew really wanted to cuddle with Allie and she didn't seem to mind.

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