Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Beach Vacation

We spent a week at beach for our summer vacation with our dear friends and their kids, and we had a great time.

Allie felt it was very important to redistribute the water. 

 While Andrew just got comfortable with the presence of water and sand outside a sandbox. 

There was a lot of lounging.

And wading in the still pretty chilly water.

But, mostly there was sand playing.

We also can't understate the joy that Andrew experienced when discovering Doritos.  He had to try all the combinations: by the handful out of the bag, coated in sand, dipped in ocean water, rubbed on his face... he liked them all!

 When we weren't beaching, we hung out in the yard.

And when coloring in the yard with your brother wasn't exciting enough, we watched a lot of Minions and Tangled while cuddling. 

 And played with toys.

Everyone was sad to leave but happy to sleep in their own beds when we got home.  I'd call that a successful trip.

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