Monday, May 2, 2016

Day Out with Thomas, Round 2

We took the kids to do a Day Out with Thomas this weekend.  Allie and I did it last year and she loved it, so we were excited to try it with Andrew now that he was older and very interested in Thomas.

Andrew somehow missed the gigantic Thomas train when we walked in but ran over to the model tracks to watch the characters zoom by.  He shouted their names as they chuffed past.

Then we got in line for the ride and he spotted the big Thomas.  He and Allie both went absolutely nuts. 

 We got on the train and kids played with my glasses and each other until we left the station.

Andrew narrated the whole ride for us, shouting "CAR!!!" or "TREE!!!" or "DOG!!!" the whole time.  When Thomas blew his whistle, both kids cheered.

After the ride, they went on the carousel.  They were very excited until Allie realized she accidentally picked a horse that didn't go up and down.  She was devastated.  

To make up for her carousel disappointment, the kids went on a train wheel ride where they go up and down a few feet in a circle.  Andrew thought he would like it when he was close to the ground but he quickly changed his mind when they went up.  He spent the whole ride yelling "DOWN! DOWN!"

 I think his terror added to Allie's enjoyment.

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