Monday, May 23, 2016

Andrew's first zoo field trip

Andrew's class had its first field trip to the zoo on Friday.  It was a beautiful day and Andrew could not have been more excited.  Note the green vest he and his classmates had to wear as it was the recurring villain of the trip.  He really did not want to wear it and kept taking it off when he thought we weren't looking.

The first stop was the farm petting zoo where Andrew got to visit close up with a cow.  I think Andrew would have climbed into the pen if he could have just made it over that top board. 

We then went to see the tigers and the vest struck again.  After a strong escape attempt, I had to tie the vest tighter so he couldn't weasel out.  It's hard to see in the photo but there is a tiger walking along the edge of the water immediately above Andrew's left hand.  The tiger was going to play with a big ball floating in the water.  Andrew strongly objected to this plan.  He started yelling "NO BALL!!!! NO BALL!!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" as soon as the tiger touched it.  I guess Andrew wanted to play with it instead?

He refused to look at the lions over the recurring vest feud and we instead made our way to the monkeys.  He really liked them, especially the little baby.  Note his classmate won her anti-vest battle...

After lunch, we headed back on the bus.  He got the vest off (finally!) and was cracking himself up the whole ride.  I couldn't even make eye contact without him laughing.  We played a prolonged game of hard to get, where he dramatically turned away from me and declared "No kiss!"  I would then kiss his cheek and he would belly laugh.  It was a delightful trip.

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  1. Can't wait to see him! I'm actually seeing a little Schwalbe in him....