Sunday, May 1, 2016

A new EEG and a new plan

A few weeks ago we noticed that Allie was having trouble remembering some words.  She brought her "teddy bear" to school for show and share and couldn't remember the word "teddy".  She got a new squirt gun and asked me dozens of times what kind of gun it was because she couldn't remember the word "squirt".  I alerted her neurologist and she wanted to get an EEG right away to see if Allie was having any seizure activity. 

Allie was a trooper.  She has to fall asleep during the EEG so she got a hefty dose of Benadryl before the appointment.  She really dislikes the goo in her hair but stayed relatively still while the technician put everything on.  There were only a few tears and a couple "I don't like you when you're doing that" directed at the poor woman.

Two hours later she was done and we could go get ice cream (shown above).

The neurologist called a couple days later with the results.  Unfortunately, Allie has been having abnormal brainwaves while she's sleeping, which could impair her concentration and memory.  We're almost doubling her twice daily medication over the next couple weeks.  So far she's tolerating it well.

She'll be getting another EEG toward the end of summer to see if the additional medicine has made a difference. Finger crossed.

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