Friday, April 15, 2016

School activities and child labor

I forgot to write about two school activities we did with Allie's class last month.  

The first was Pi Day, which is a necessary holiday for any math enthusiast.  Jonathan and I brought three different sized pies to the class, had the kids measure the circumference and the diameter of the pies with string to try to figure out the ratio.  Once they noticed that about 3 diameters go into every circumference, we told them about the number pi, which is just a little over 3.  And then, we made a pi shape out of whipped cream and they got to eat the pies.  

We did a similar lessen with their class last year, and it really didn't click.  This year was a lot of fun.

A couple weeks later I went on a field trip with the class to see a play about boxes.  Allie got paired with her best friend and they were so giddy the whole time.  I loved it. 

At the end of the play, the kids got to build their own box city.

At home, we've been keeping them busy with lots of manual labor.  We built a raised garden bed so Allie can grow some vegetables.  We have been spreading lots of dirt in our yard, which got pretty torn up during our Fall/Winter construction.  (Allie loves loading her wheelbarrow up and transporting all the dirt.  Andrew mostly likes tormenting me and pretending to run into the street.)  And, we've been hard at work painting and sanding the porch.  The kids have been surprisingly helpful with all of it. 

The local highschool is holding a mulch fundraiser this weekend and we'll be getting about 20 bags for Allie to spread.  She's earning her keep.

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  1. Love Pi Day! Looks like everyone had a ball. You two could come in very handy to any school teacher.