Sunday, April 3, 2016

March Recap

We've had a busy month but things are going well.  Shortly after Allie got Botox, Jonathan and I had a week and a half packed with three work trips (two for him and one for me).  Luckily, Auntie Hannah, Uncle Mikko, and Grandma Bets came to visit and keep the kids entertained as we took turns single parenting. 

Allie thinks Uncle Mikko is the best...

Once everything was settled down, Jonathan and I checked out a local brewery to celebrate. 

And after many years of stealing my breakfast, Jonathan is finally getting a taste of his own medicine with Andrew.  Andrew likes food much more if someone else is already eating it.  He likes to run up to people while they're eating and yell "BIIIIITE!!!!" in their faces.

Andrew is also auditioning for world's biggest head.  The helmet he's taken to wearing around isn't doing him any favors.

The weather is warming up and I could not be happier about it.  We're spending a lot of time just hanging out in the yard.  

We got down to see the cherry blossoms this weekend, which are a few weeks earlier than last year.  There were lots of fun things to balance on and trees to climb.

Jonathan learned a valuable lesson that unsolicited tree-climbing help is never appreciated.

Unless you're Andrew.  He appreciated all the help he could get. 

Easter was a lot of fun too.  We decorated a bunch of eggs with some friends and then the Easter bunny came and hid them around the yard along with a bunch of plastic eggs.  The Easter bunny was much less monster-like this year.  The kids ran around like maniacs finding all the eggs.


Our deer neighbors were completely confused by what the crazy humans were up to...

I think Jonathan may have been a little puzzled by it as well...


Then we made it to our 5th annual egg hunt with Allie's BFF Abby's family.

Andrew was in love with the big boys. He followed them everywhere trying to do exactly what they did. 

Other than that, we've just been hanging out and working on our house.  The Botox in Allie's leg is working wonderfully.  She often comments about how much she likes it.

And, Allie has been working on her dance moves.  A new dance studio is opening up down the street from our house and she has decided she wants to try hip hop.  I'm excited for it!

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