Saturday, March 5, 2016

Botox, Round 4

Allie had her fourth round of Botox in her leg on Tuesday.   Everything went well.  Once we were checked in with our matching wristbands, we went back so she could get in her gown. 

The doctor then came by to check in and mark the leg that was getting the Botox.  Allie asked for a carrot to be drawn on her knee.  I have no idea why.

Then a child-life specialist came by to make sure Allie had everything she needed.  I mentioned that Allie was a little afraid of the mask last time, so she brought her a sample one with strawberry scent added so she could test it out. 

She and I walked into the operating room and she climbed up on the table.  Again, she was a little afraid of the mask, but fell asleep quickly and woke up ~15 minutes later in a good mood.

She was happy to get out of there and get home to see Daddy and Andrew.  She and Andrew spent the rest of the day cuddled up on the couch watching TV while she recuperated.  

The Botox takes a couple days to start working, and yesterday I noticed her walking in a perfect heel-toe pattern (just like we want) and said her leg aches a little when she runs (from the stretching).  I have high hopes.

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