Monday, February 22, 2016

Sick week

This past week has been incredibly exhausting for Jonathan and me.  The kids and I were out of school and work on Monday for President's Day.  Jonathan didn't have the day off though, so the kids and I went to some friends house to play.  

Luckily Jonathan came home from work early that day to help keep everyone happy.  That evening though, Allie's right eye started looking weird.  Andrew, who has had a long running cold, also started pulling on his ear and crying.  It looked like we had pink eye and an ear infection to deal with.  Coincidentally, both kids had checkups with their pediatrician the next morning, so at least we didn't have to schedule new doctor's appointments.

At the appointment on Tuesday, the pediatrician prescribed Allie some antibiotic eyedrops and Andrew some antibiotics for his ear infection.  The doctor was very concerned about Allie's eye though.  She said Allie's cornea looked "foggy", which could be a sign of an advanced infection or it could have something to do with Allie's stroke.  Allie was put in for an urgent ophthalmology appointment on Friday to make sure something more serious wasn't going on. 

Later that day, Andrew starts vomiting.  It was short lived and otherwise seemed fine, so we chalked it up to taking a big antiobiotics dose on a nearly empty stomach.

On Wednesday, Andrew went to school while Allie had a home day because of her eye.  She milked it for all she could, suddenly requiring her sick pillow and a blanket to watch her favorite TV shows. 

Andrew, however, was devastated that Allie wasn't going to school with him.  He kept trying to bring her sweater to her.  Major disappointment ensued.

Both kids went to school normally on Thursday, and Jonathan and I both picked them up early.  We made a fire in the backyard and had a good time.  Andrew kept trying to stick his hand in the fire so he and I eventually went inside, but Jonathan and Allie kept at it for quite a while.

Allie could not have been better at the ophthalmology appointment on Friday.  She let the doctor look into her eyes, did awesomely on her vision test, and was shockingly patient in the waiting rooms.  The ophthalmologist said Allie's eyes look totally fine and perhaps the fogginess the pediatrician saw was just from the pink eye.  It's amazing how quickly the stroke-related medical fear comes back.

On Saturday, I had to pick something up from my office so we all trekked downtown together.  The kids loved running around my nearly empty building, playing tag, and taking in the views of the main lobby filled with science objects.  We then went and walked around the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art, then headed home for a unseasonably warm afternoon. 

That night, however, Allie started vomiting too.  The poor girl was sick the whole night and definitely required her sick pillow, a blanket, and even a milkshake the next day.

Here's to hoping everyone is a bit healthier this week.

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