Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday Allison!

Our baby girl is now five!  I can hardly believe it.

She had three birthday celebrations.  One at her school.  One at home with her "boyfriend" (!!!!).  And a big party with all her friends and their families.

For her school party, I brought a couple dozen cupcakes for snack time.  The kids were so excited and Allie was very proud.  The kids were getting settled at the big table when she turned to me and said "But Andrew needs to be here!"  I rushed to his classroom and he took a seat at the big table right next to Allie.  She even helped him with the snack before everyone got cupcakes.

She didn't even mind when he started freaking out and threatened to disrupt her song.  She's a sweetheart. 

That night, her friend from down the street (whom she calls her boyfriend) came over with his parents for pizza and more cupcakes.  

Then on Saturday, she hosted 30 of her closest friends and their families at our house for a tea party, cookie decorating, and fun playtime. 

We made personalized teacups for all her friends using these cool ceramic painting pens.


And while I'm pretty sure none of the kids actually had any tea, they did like all the tea sandwiches.

Cookie decorating was a lot of fun.  Andrew kept sneaking spoonfuls of sprinkles whenever he thought we weren't looking.

We also had a Lego play area and a do-it-yourself Valentine station to keep everyone busy and spread out. 

This was the first time that some of her friends had seen her new room.  One of her friends took it upon himself to give everyone the tour.  It was so cute seeing him bring kid after kid up to show them all around.

Before we knew it, it was cake time! Allie had incredibly specific instructions for her cake.  She wanted it to be a big, square, chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, with a real train, bushes, edible train tracks, and a number 5 candle.  The girl knows what she likes.  This was the biggest cake I've ever made (I ended up cooking each layer in our turkey roasting pan) and I was so happy the whole thing didn't fall apart on me. 

She got a little bashful when everyone started singing, which is pretty understandable with 60+ people singing at you.

The whole party was a lot of fun.  We love you Allie!


  1. Looks like it was a great party!!! Love the Thomas dress!

  2. Great blog entry! The food looks delicious and the cake is perfect! Particularly like the picture of Mom and Dad at the end. Another great party!