Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowzilla 2016

We got ~35 inches of snow from Winter Storm Jonas (aka Snowzilla) over the weekend.  Some of us handled it better than others.  

There's a table under there, somewhere.

The kids watched a lot of TV while we were house-bound...

Allie and Jonathan shoveled for hours at a time and loved it.  

Although, I do have some questions about Allie's shoveling approach...

 She also loved sledding on the hill down the street with Jonathan and one of her friends.

Allie was only willing to come in once her hair turned to icicles and only with the promise of hot cocoa...

Andrew, on the other hand, apparently hates the snow and hates his family being in it.  He cried every time Allie went outside and cried even more when we made him go.  Allie tried to comfort him but was a little confused by his freak outs.

Can I go in now?
I guess he's just more of an inside kid...


Our big weekend activity was moving the kids into their new bedrooms.  Allie feels like such a big girl in her own room with her big kid bed.  I thought Andrew was going to be devastated being away from Allie.  In spite of my predictions, he shockingly loved being in his own room. 

It feels like we're getting our house back and it feels good, even if we're covered in a mountain of snow.  Good thing the kids have the day off school tomorrow so Allie can keep digging us out.

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