Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Physical Medicine Check-up

Allie had her triannual physical medicine appointment and overall things are looking great.  The doctor said Allie's right hip and knee gait look perfect. Her leg length discrepancy has also stayed constant at 1 centimeter for the last year and a half, even though she's grown several inches over that time.  Allie's range of motion in her foot is also looking good.  She has been wearing a resting night splint (shown above) for a couple months now to get some mild stretching over night.  She calls it her Cinderella shoe and shockingly likes it.  I think part of the appeal is she got to pick the colors---American flags with red straps.  She thinks it's beautiful.

However, the doctor noted that Allie's right foot has started turning in a little when she's running.  We noticed it for the first time a couple days ago while she was stomping through the snow in her snow boots. She recommend Allie try Botox again in her right leg (in her gastrocs, posterior tibialis, and extensor halicus longus) to increase her right heel strike and hopefully stop her foot from turning in so much. We agree and should be scheduling her injection date soon.

The doctor also recommended that Allie get reevaluated for occupational therapy.  Our long-time OT suggested a break last year, but we're scheduling an evaluation with the potential of resuming some regular therapy. It will be nice to hear what the OT thinks. 

Allie was so well behaved the entire appointment and we headed back to the kids school to pick up Andrew once we were done.  The hospital and their school are eight miles apart, yet the trip took us two hours.  Apparently the remnants of a huge blizzard and rush hour don't mix well. Somehow Allie remained calm and collected, even though she had to go to the bathroom ("NOW!") for the last half hour of our trek.  When I commented how good she was being she explained "You just need to play with something and not get upset."  She amazes me.

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