Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Let the snow begin!

Keeping warm inside

We're expecting a big snow fall this weekend and the kids are thrilled.  Allie is going to "build a snowman and a house and a snow puppy and go sledding and skiing and snow shoeing and then drink hot cocoa." 

Until then, we've been keeping busy trying out new parks.

I surprised Allie at school the other day and the two of us had a girls only afternoon.  We went to her favorite pizza place for a long lunch, painted some pottery at a ceramic store, and got some to go ice cream before we picked up Andrew.  Allie would not eat her ice cream until Andrew was in the car with us.  I was sure we were in for a long screaming car ride as she slowly taunted Andrew with her delicious ice cream.  I buckled them in and as I was closing her door I heard "Here Andrew, I got this for us!"  I looked back and she was spoon feeding him her prized ice cream.  She's such a sweetheart.

We also surprised her class with a new camera since one of the kids (rhymes with Hallie) dropped and broke the class camera.  The teachers and the kids were very appreciative and turned the experience into a very funny lesson on photography subjects. 

Lastly, our home addition is almost done and we're hoping to be able to start moving the kids into their rooms tomorrow.  Allie finally has the door she's always dreamed of.  She likes closing it so she and Andrew can play in privacy.  All this time, I thought she wanted privacy from Andrew; turns out it was me she wanted to avoid.

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  1. Hope you all enjoy the snow! Text a photo or two. We should be able to see them in Africa. So happy to hear about the new camera at school. Must have been fun for Allie to bring it in. And Allie's door is Beautiful.