Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Physical Medicine Check-up

Allie had her triannual physical medicine appointment and overall things are looking great.  The doctor said Allie's right hip and knee gait look perfect. Her leg length discrepancy has also stayed constant at 1 centimeter for the last year and a half, even though she's grown several inches over that time.  Allie's range of motion in her foot is also looking good.  She has been wearing a resting night splint (shown above) for a couple months now to get some mild stretching over night.  She calls it her Cinderella shoe and shockingly likes it.  I think part of the appeal is she got to pick the colors---American flags with red straps.  She thinks it's beautiful.

However, the doctor noted that Allie's right foot has started turning in a little when she's running.  We noticed it for the first time a couple days ago while she was stomping through the snow in her snow boots. She recommend Allie try Botox again in her right leg (in her gastrocs, posterior tibialis, and extensor halicus longus) to increase her right heel strike and hopefully stop her foot from turning in so much. We agree and should be scheduling her injection date soon.

The doctor also recommended that Allie get reevaluated for occupational therapy.  Our long-time OT suggested a break last year, but we're scheduling an evaluation with the potential of resuming some regular therapy. It will be nice to hear what the OT thinks. 

Allie was so well behaved the entire appointment and we headed back to the kids school to pick up Andrew once we were done.  The hospital and their school are eight miles apart, yet the trip took us two hours.  Apparently the remnants of a huge blizzard and rush hour don't mix well. Somehow Allie remained calm and collected, even though she had to go to the bathroom ("NOW!") for the last half hour of our trek.  When I commented how good she was being she explained "You just need to play with something and not get upset."  She amazes me.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowzilla 2016

We got ~35 inches of snow from Winter Storm Jonas (aka Snowzilla) over the weekend.  Some of us handled it better than others.  

There's a table under there, somewhere.

The kids watched a lot of TV while we were house-bound...

Allie and Jonathan shoveled for hours at a time and loved it.  

Although, I do have some questions about Allie's shoveling approach...

 She also loved sledding on the hill down the street with Jonathan and one of her friends.

Allie was only willing to come in once her hair turned to icicles and only with the promise of hot cocoa...

Andrew, on the other hand, apparently hates the snow and hates his family being in it.  He cried every time Allie went outside and cried even more when we made him go.  Allie tried to comfort him but was a little confused by his freak outs.

Can I go in now?
I guess he's just more of an inside kid...


Our big weekend activity was moving the kids into their new bedrooms.  Allie feels like such a big girl in her own room with her big kid bed.  I thought Andrew was going to be devastated being away from Allie.  In spite of my predictions, he shockingly loved being in his own room. 

It feels like we're getting our house back and it feels good, even if we're covered in a mountain of snow.  Good thing the kids have the day off school tomorrow so Allie can keep digging us out.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Let the snow begin!

Keeping warm inside

We're expecting a big snow fall this weekend and the kids are thrilled.  Allie is going to "build a snowman and a house and a snow puppy and go sledding and skiing and snow shoeing and then drink hot cocoa." 

Until then, we've been keeping busy trying out new parks.

I surprised Allie at school the other day and the two of us had a girls only afternoon.  We went to her favorite pizza place for a long lunch, painted some pottery at a ceramic store, and got some to go ice cream before we picked up Andrew.  Allie would not eat her ice cream until Andrew was in the car with us.  I was sure we were in for a long screaming car ride as she slowly taunted Andrew with her delicious ice cream.  I buckled them in and as I was closing her door I heard "Here Andrew, I got this for us!"  I looked back and she was spoon feeding him her prized ice cream.  She's such a sweetheart.

We also surprised her class with a new camera since one of the kids (rhymes with Hallie) dropped and broke the class camera.  The teachers and the kids were very appreciative and turned the experience into a very funny lesson on photography subjects. 

Lastly, our home addition is almost done and we're hoping to be able to start moving the kids into their rooms tomorrow.  Allie finally has the door she's always dreamed of.  She likes closing it so she and Andrew can play in privacy.  All this time, I thought she wanted privacy from Andrew; turns out it was me she wanted to avoid.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy Year-and-a-Half Birthday to Andrew

Today is Andrew's half birthday.  I can't believe how quickly he's growing up. 

Here's a quick recap of our little boy's likes and dislikes.

- Watching and playing Thomas the Train
- Pointing out cars and birds
- Going to bed
- Getting his diaper changed
- Crawling into Allie's bed first thing in the morning
- Brushing Allie's hair
- Turning the TV off when Allie is watching it
- Giving and receiving hugs and kisses 
- Playing at the park

- Bananas ("nana")
- Cereal bars
- Cheese ("cheeeee")
- Yogurt ("yoyo")
- Pizza
- Eggs
- McDonald's sweet and sour sauce

- Thomas the Train toys
- His small blanket
- His pacifier
- His shoes
- Toothbrushes, especially those that aren't his
- Animals, particularly ones he can touch

- Allie doing anything first
- Being told no
- Staying up late
- Anything green and leafy
- Rice

-  Nothing yet...