Tuesday, December 29, 2015

School break

The kids school is closed much of the time around Christmas to New Years and Jonathan and I are taking a bunch of time off work.  It's been nice all spending so much time together.

We spent one of the days at Pump It Up, a warehouse-like place filled with bounce houses and toys.  The kids love it.   It's cool watching Allie climb and use two hands so effortlessly.  At one point while she was climbing up the big slide ladder (shown in the picture below on the right) her hair clip fell off and another kid picked it up for her.  She seamlessly grabbed the rope hand railing with Righty and took the hair clip with Lefty.  Jonathan and I are thrilled because it's that type of situation that we most wanted her to be able to handle.  All this therapy is really paying off.

This is Andrew's second time to Pump It Up and he is fearless.  He tried everything and especially loved the big slides.  We were getting some stink eyes from the other parents about letting him do the slides alone, but he wouldn't have had it another way.

We spent one of the dry days at the park down the street.  It's nice to have somewhere so close that the kids enjoy so much.  To make it better, we even ran into one of Allie's friends while we were there.

Their school is open today and yesterday, so Jonathan and I are getting a little break to finish working on our house.  The kids' new rooms are almost ready and we are all excited.

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