Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Christmas and Christmas Eve were both laid back this year. We had some friends over for dinner on Christmas Eve and Allie helped us set out a cookie and apple spread for Santa. The kids went to sleep right away and I was shocked that Allie didn't jump out of bed in the morning. I guess hosting her friends took it out of her.

Once they were up, they explored their stockings and camped out by the present pile waiting to open the rest. The anticipation was killing them.

They received some great presents... 

But the game changed when Allie opened a Thomas the Train frilly dress. Their minds were blown.

Andrew was bummed he didn't have one too, so he carried around the packaging that had a picture of the dress on it. Then Allie took that away... 

He took a break from opening presents and climbed into his high chair to eat away his present envy. After breakfast they finished their presents, we went for a couple walks, and otherwise just hung out all day.

It was a lovely Christmas.

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