Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A warm December

The past few weeks have been amazingly warm for December and I'm savoring it while it lasts.

Allie is working to teach Andrew how to vacuum so she doesn't have to.

My work had the annual kids Christmas party.  Allie was really excited to see the dancers from last year. I naively tried to take them myself while Jonathan worked on our house.  I tried to run them before we went inside.  They ran for a half hour, weaving through the bushes, jumping from the stairs onto the grass, rolling down the hill... Yet somehow Andrew was still bouncing off the walls when we got inside. 

Allie found the craft table and quickly made some friends.

Andrew, however, ran and ran and ran.  He alternated trying to swat the bulbs off the tree to trying to steal Santa's gifts from the kids as they left his lap.  I chased him almost the entire time we were there. 

I did momentarily get him to stop at the craft station.  He then surprised me by opening one of the markers and bolting down the hall to color in the art gallery. 

One advantage is that they both slept well that night.  Even if Allie scared the crap out of me by wearing her monkey mask to bed.

We've been enjoying the warm weather by breaking in new front porch that Jonathan built.  Andrew in particular loves it.

When we're not lounging, we've been going for long walks.

Allie thought it was so cool that one day we ran into some friends on a walk and the kids decided to switch modes of transportation.  Her friend got her bike and she rode in a stroller for the first time since she could walk on her own.  She loved it and was sad to have to pedal herself home aftering riding in comfort.

The kids have discovered the Play Place at the local McDonalds.  Allie is obsessed and begs to go to "Old MacDonald's" every day when I pick her up from school.

And, no December would be complete without Allie and Jonathan making mounds of Christmas cookies.

Do you think she's excited about it?

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  1. Sounds like a great week. Sure miss you all!!! Loved seeig the little Santa cookie jar in the background. Jonathan has been making cookings for a good long time!