Monday, November 30, 2015

November recap

We've had a super busy month of home renovations and assorted activities.

My dad came to visit for a week to help us install new sliding glass doors.  We all loved having him here.

Then the kids and I got a cold.  The silver lining is that Andrew learned how to wipe his own nose and Allie got to work on her selfie skills.

Allie also learned how to get dressed all by herself.  It's been difficult for her to get more fitted shirts on and off but she's figured it out and is very proud.  Here is her first independent outfit:

Two weeks ago we started an addition onto our house so Allie and Andrew will have their own rooms.  We all moved downstairs to sleep in the playroom while our upstairs is under construction.  After sleeping in a room with Andrew for two weeks, I totally get why Allie wants him out. 

Andrew, however, loves having his crib downstairs because it means his blanket and pacifier aren't banished to his room upstairs.  He's kind of a junkie.

Last week we went to a hockey game to watch the kids' Uncle Blake play.  The kids stayed with a babysitter and it was a lot of fun to have some time out with Jonathan in midst of all of the house chaos... even if he refused to take a selfie with me. 

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house for some of our friends and their kids.  There were 12 people total (6 adults and 6 kids), a lot of chaos, and a lot of fun.  Andrew even got a little jealous of my holding a little girl and insisted on being held too...

... and then he started kissing her.  Geez Andrew.

We took advantage of the warm weather and played at the park for a couple of hours the next day.  It felt like late Spring with the high-60s temperatures and warm breeze.  It was fantastic.

Yesterday Allie was invited over to her BFF Abby's family's house to put up Christmas decorations.  She loved it.

Then we started setting up Christmas decorations.  Allie says all she wants for Christmas is a tree and lights.  Her  little pink tree is tiding her over until we get the real thing next weekend.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bike riding

Andrew took his first ever trike ride yesterday while Allie rode her trike completely independently.  Andrew marvels at her pedaling while I pushed him along, and he giggled manically while I put on his helmet.  I think he felt like a very big kid.

Allie biked us to the park so they could swing.

She has fully embraced the Fall weather, helping to rake and then jump in piles of leaves.

The little blue building in the top left of the above picture is their new playhouse.  We built it earlier this Fall and have all enjoyed hanging out back there. 

Happy Trick or Treating

Halloween was a blast with our little chicken and scarecrow.  On Friday the 30th, the kids' school had their annual costume parade.  We all loved it.

On Halloween proper, we had some friends over and hit the trick or treating path.  Allie and her friend were so excited to go to the houses and shout "HAPPY TRICK OR TREAT!"

Andrew was more into it than I would have thought.  He saw the big kids getting their candy and he followed right along, picking up his candy, putting it in his basket, and inspecting his good fortunes between houses.   It was a very fun evening