Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall activities

Garden helper

We're starting a small addition to our house so Andrew can have his own bedroom ("I need my PRIVACY!" Allie says).  We weren't expecting to start until Spring but an unexpected opening with our contractor bumped it up; we could not be more excited. It has been a mad dash to get plants moved before the ground gets too cold and to finish some pending home improvement projects before we get overwhelmed with a big one. 

The kids have been an awesome (and surprising) help.  Allie helped me dig holes to move the plants and Andrew loves playing in the dirt and in the wheelbarrow.    

It's been a busy few weeks but, luckily, Allie still remembers to take us to the park.  

Sunday, October 11, 2015

"Let's run away together..."

The kids and I went to the Renaissance Faire with one of her friends from school and his mom today.  Everyone loved the costumes, the food, and (especially) the bubble fountain.  At one point her friend grabbed her hand and said "let's run away together."  The two bolted off, hand-in-hand, giggling.

This same friend gives Allie at least one very long hug every day before she leave school. Jonathan's getting nervous.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Week in Minnesota

The kids and I spent last week in Minnesota.  I had a work meeting while Allie and Andrew had some quality Gama and Papa time.  It was a great trip. 

The week was off to a good start with some Chinese food at the airport.  Allie is in love with orange chicken and it is rivaling her love of mac and cheese.

Once we were on the plane, the kids played really well together.  Sharing snacks and cars.

Then Allie of course took a selfie break.  She racked up over 900 of them...

Once we were in MN, Andrew made himself right at home by immediately shedding his pants.  For some reason we didn't just put them back on...

He loved all the potentially breakable things to play with... 

And Allie discovered a love for the piano.  Well, really it was just an excuse to sing the Thomas & Friends theme song over and over again, but she enjoyed herself. 

They went for long golf cart rides...


And went on some rides at the Mall of America (Andrew is on the ride too next to Tom)... 

 They also had plenty of cozy time reading books and doing puzzles

The weather was gorgeous so they did lots of walks around the neighborhood.

And then we came home.

Thanks for hosting us, Tom and Bonnie!