Monday, June 29, 2015

June fun

Allie and Andrew love the water park down the street.  On hot days, we walk down, Allie plays in the fountain until she's shivering, then we get something chocolate to eat on the way home.  It's a great routine.

Andrew crawled through the fountain for the first time the other day.  He could not have been more excited (top left). I set him down, he bolted toward one of the jets, it sprayed him in the face, he freaked out, speed cry crawled to me, and happily got back in his stroller to watch the big kids play.  Allie came over to give him a quick kiss before continuing her playing.  They're sweet together.

Allie is having a big girl week.  She and I went out to dinner together the other night before we met a friend of her's for an evening story time at the library. Allie did an awesome job ordering her own food and coloring. She also loved our waiter.  At one point she dropped her red crayon and the waiter brought her three more.  She was flabbergasted:  "Why is he so nice?!?!? Now I can color red forever."

She left yesterday for a week at the beach with her Gama, Papa, Uncle Joel, Auntie Holly, and Cousins Elliot and Noah. She packed up all her stuff and was so excited that she wore herself out. We're all missing her a lot but Andrew is loving the one-on-one attention. 

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