Monday, June 8, 2015

Fun times

We've had a very busy and fun few weeks. Allie had a field trip to the zoo, which mostly meant pretending to be whatever animal she wanted to be in any moment regardless of what anyone else was doing. 

Andrew discovered a love of Costco that I did not think possible. I have never seen the kid happier than getting sample after sample of assorted foods.  A hot dog dipped in grape jelly and spinach dip?  Sure!

Allie figured out how to pick things like Cheerios up with her feet, which is good... I guess...

Andrew and I took a trip to California to visit my family. He loved all the one-on-one attention.

Flying to CA.  He was fantastic as long as he was clutching my cell phone.
Cuddling with Granpa
Lunch at the beach with Grandma
Marveling at the foosball coffee table
Loving the breezy day
Causing mayhem on the flight home

Allie had a great time at home with Jonathan. They went to the Air and Space Museum to look at the rocket ships. And Andrew and I got her a toy boat as a present.

Allie has also started developing lists of rules for pretty much every activity she does.  She likes to keep them scattered all over the house so we can refer to them when we tell her to do something.  She dictates all the rules; we just write them down for her.

And, of course, we are still frequenting Home Depot more than I ever thought possible.  We recently discovered the double steering wheel cart that makes our trips a joy, unless Allie pokes Andrew in the eye or he bites her... but those things are bound to happen, right?

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  1. Great photos and commentary. Michelle, your true calling is writing. I'm looking for you to produce a book….the basics are all here in the blog. So fun to read! Gama