Monday, May 11, 2015

Hooray for Gama!

Jonathan's mom Bonnie (aka Gama) came into town last week to help us with Allie's constraint therapy. The timing could not have been better because I was swamped at work and Jonathan is running low on vacation time.

She came into town on Sunday and Allie was thrilled to see her. She was particularly excited to show off her crab walk and bike riding.

It was a busy week. 

To add to the craziness, Andrew suddenly spiked a 103.5 fever at school on Wednesday when both Jonathan and I were in meetings without our cell phones. Bonnie swooped in, picked him up from school, and took care of them both until Jonathan could get home. Tom also flew into town to help out that day and they both very happy to have Papa around.

Andrew seemed all better on Thursday and got to go up to KKI for the day with everyone. Then, he spiked a 103.8 fever on Friday. We took him to urgent care that night where they checked him for assorted infections, eventually sending us home with antibiotics for an ear infection. The poor guy was having a rough time.

Allie also had a rough Friday. It was cast off day but she desperately wanted to keep her cast on. She was really freaked out by lefty and didn't want to look at it or move it. She sat on the couch mostly hiding her arm the entire day. Here she is during one of her happier moments. 

Gama and Papa left on Saturday, much to Allie's dismay. But both kids were feeling a little better about life and we had an eventful afternoon. We went for a long walk and drove to a local nursery to pick out flowers. Allie liked riding around in the cart with the flowers.

Sunday was Mother's Day and it was glorious. I got to sleep in and came downstairs to Jonathan playing trains with both kids. Jonathan was building tracks around the playroom; Allie was pushing her trains around the finished tracks; Andrew was tearing across the tracks pulling them and the trains apart wherever he could. It was really cute. We then went out to a new breakfast restaurant and took a long walk, he planted all our new flowers, and we otherwise had a very restful day. 

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