Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015 (aka, the day the monster visited)

Allie had a fun time preparing for Easter this year. She dyed eggs with a friend...

We painted our nails...

And we gathered a bunch of sticks to do something with...

But Jonathan and I did a terrible job of preparing her for the Easter bunny.

Allie woke up on Easter morning and found a trail of coins and candy leading her downstairs to the kids' Easter baskets, a giant inflated egg, a mess of half eaten carrots, and her hidden Easter eggs. She was so puzzled by the whole thing. She sat down to inspect the carrots, looked at me seriously, and asked: "Why would this MONSTER do this?!?!"

We tried to explain that the Easter bunny isn't a monster. He just comes and sometimes plays tricks by hiding their eggs. "Why would he do that???" I guess I don't know.

Later in the day we went to her BFF Abby's house for their annual egg hunt (see our 2012, 2013, and 2014 egg hunts). Allie found a lot. After the hunt, she walked over to a slightly older group of boys, exchanged some words, and they started giving her a bunch of their eggs too. I have no idea what she said but she made out very well.

Andrew continues his strange exploration of new foods. Pears are still his favorite but he hates to love Ritz crackers.

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