Sunday, April 19, 2015

Constraint therapy, round 4, days 1-4

Allie started her 4th round of constraint therapy at the Kennedy Krieger Institute on Thursday. It's hard to believe this is our 4th time! (See rounds one, two, and three.)

They started the first day by making the cast. Allie was a great sport. When she started getting a little fidgety, she passed the time taking surly selfies. That's my teenager in training.

After the cast was done, the PT took it to decorate it and Allie did her evaluation. I don't know how she scored yet but it was so cool seeing her be able to do all the stuff they asked of her. I was particularly proud when they were testing her protective reflexes by pushing her off balance. It's kind of cruel looking because it seems like the PT is just pushing your kid, but Allie not only protected herself with both hands but she firmly told the therapist "Please stop pushing me!" The PT let Allie push her down for revenge and they were back to being friends.

Allie got sent home without the cast and she enjoyed a nice spring day. She got to her preschool just in time to have her favorite school lunch with her friends and place her ice cream order for Sundae day. 

Nothing says Spring like a foot out the window.
On Friday, we started the day by dropping Jonathan and Andrew off at the airport so they could visit Minnesota for Cousin Noah's bar mitzvah. Congratulations Noah!

When we got up to KKI, Allie got to put on her cast. They had decorated it with a drawing of Curious George and the text "Allison & Curious George". She was thrilled.

The therapy was tiring but she handled it well. We skipped school and went home to hang out with our friend Dr. Daniel, who had spent the night. She went on a long bike ride and the three of us went out to lunch. It was nice seeing Daniel.

Later that night we had to start dealing with normal life things. Bathing is a little challenging with the cast...

And snacking is somewhat difficult...

But sleeping was the hardest. She had a tough time getting comfortable and adjusting her blankets. I made quite a few trips into her room to try to get her cozy. 

And then I got sick. There has been a stomach bug going around and it was my turn. Before I knew it, Allie was taking care of me. She was bringing me blankets and tucking me in. She brought me toys and called me "Little Missy".  She gave me a kiss and said "You're my best friend." I love that girl so much. 

Thankfully friends swooped in to help. Allie was picked up and wonderfully cared for all day. Other friends ran errands and brought me food. It was amazing.

I was feeling much better by the evening and Allie came home, had dinner, and went to bed. Another terrible night's sleep ensued. 

We woke up this morning and Allie wanted to get a chocolate croissant from a store down the street. She was running as fast as she could, but occasionally needed to stop for impromptu naps. I was right there with her.

But eventually we made it and enjoyed our croissants.

So far, her frustration is high. She seems to be avoiding some things because they're difficult. She's had a couple of the biggest meltdowns I've seen.

Still, she's had several moments of being extremely proud that she could do something with Righty. One of those proud moments was discovering that she can eat oatmeal all by herself.

Fingers crossed that the frustration goes down as she realizes how much she can do.

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  1. She is a spunky kid! Love the photo of her taking a nap in the grass on the way to the croissant store. Can't wait to see her. Gama