Monday, April 20, 2015

Constraint therapy, round 4, day 5

Prepping for day 5 with some fresh nail polish
Allie was excited for today for two reasons:

Daddy and Andrew were coming home from MN...

And she got to play at KKI.

After KKI but before the airport, Allie had to go to school. She was not happy about it. This was going to be her first time at school this round with the cast and I think she was nervous about it. We walked in and all her friends swarmed around her to see the cast. They were very curious and a little envious. She explained to them that she had the cast to make Righty super strong. I don't think they really understood it, but one of the girls said "Maybe my doctor can give me a cast too?" 

We brought Allie's sticker collection for the kids to decorate her cast. I announced that Allie had a surprise to share later and all the kids were excited. 

Everyone was getting ready for nap time so I tucked Allie in. As I kissed her she whispered "they like my cast" and she seemed relieved.  

I came back a few hours later just in time for cast decorating. It was so sweet.

She showed all the stickers off all the way to the car. As soon as she was in her carseat, she turned serious and said "There are too many. Take them off please."

So, I took them off and she was relieved.

We drove to the airport and had burgers and milkshakes while we waited for Allie and Andrew's plane.

She loved watching the airplanes take off and land, and saw her first ever rainbow.

Tomorrow, Jonathan and Andrew are heading to KKI and I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes.

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