Thursday, March 19, 2015

Botox, round 3

Matching bracelets 

Allie had another round of Botox in her right leg on Tuesday.  Everything went very well.  

Andrew is a bit of a handful these days so I went to the hospital with Allie while Jonathan and Andrew stayed home.  

The physiatrist always comes in ahead of the procedure to draw a picture on the limbs that are getting the Botox so they don't accidentally put it in the wrong leg.  The doctor asked what Allie wanted drawn on her leg and she asked for her family.

Daddy, Mommy, Allie, and Andrew
She hammed it up on the way into the OR and was so brave, although she said the mask with the gas was a little scary.

She woke up in good spirits but a little groggy.

She quickly drank her mandated cup of water and got her "medicine present": a new toy train.

I think the Botox is starting to kick in.  She's saying that her leg hurts a little when she runs, which I think is just from it getting a little more stretched. I'm excited to see how thing go this time around.

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