Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snowy Week Recap

The kids have had a busy week.  

Monday was Presidents Day and the kids and I were out of school and work, respectively, but Jonathan was in the office.  In an effort to keep them entertained I took them downtown to the Smithsonian's National Gallery of Art and the Natural History Museum.  It was a success unlike I ever would have imagined.  

Allie got to choose which museum we went to first and she picked the art gallery.  She ran around marveling at the everything and describing all the pieces.  She insisted that we turn Andrew (who was mostly sleeping) towards the art so he wouldn't miss anything.  

She had two rules at the museum: no touching and no running.  Both were hard to follow.  

"Mommy, look!  I'm not bumping it with my elbow."
When we got to this statue she said "That looks just like Daddy!  We should send him a picture."  He was flattered.

After about an hour of art, we went across the street to the Natural History Museum.  After not being able to touch any art, she went berzerk and touched everything.

She used Righty without any prompting.

It was a fun day.

We woke up on Tuesday to a lot of snow so, of course, we went stomping around in it.  We walked down the street to our friends' house and played with their toys for a couple hours. Allie loves walking in the snow and Andrew loves being strapped to me in the carrier.  He's a snuggler.

"Want to cuddle?"
On Wednesday, Allie had her 4-year checkup with her pediatrician.  She was a maniac.  She kept running out of the office and making the loop around all the exam rooms.  She would pop in and say hi to any other kid she saw.  The pediatrician and the nurses were glad to see it because they all remember the uncertainty that came with Allie's diagnosis.  Whenever Allie goes into the office they all gawk over how well she's doing.  

Here are her current stats:
Height: 39" (34th percentile)
Weight: 34 lbs 6 oz (45th percentile) 

She also got two shots and handled them pretty well.

On Thursday, Allie and Andrew's Uncle Blake was in town for a game.  It was too late at night so they didn't get to go but they were there in spirit.  

On Friday, Jonathan met me at my office for an afternoon date.  We just hung out and ran some errands but it was nice to see him during the daylight. We then picked up the kids early and braced for the weekend snowstorm.

We got about 8" of snow on Saturday and only left the house to shovel.  Jonathan and Allie are a mighty shoveling team.  Today was warm so we went for a long snow-stomping walk and it felt a little like Spring might be coming back someday... hopefully soon.

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