Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Now that Andrew is mobile, Jonathan and I are beefing up our baby proofing and realizing how little we had to do before.

Allie, however, is facing a bigger challenge: learning to share her prized toys.  

There is a lot of shouting happening these days:

"Annnnddrreeewwww!   That's MINE!"
"Mommy!  He's chewing on my stuff!"
"That's for big girls... NOT YOU!!!"

And some transparent ploys to remove him from reach of her toys:

"Andrew pushed me and needs a timeout."
"He's tired and needs to go to his crib now."

We've been trying to teach her the art of swapping toys she doesn't mind him touching for those that she wants to herself.  Of course this is not always satisfactory to Andrew but, for now, it's buying us some peace.  We shall see how this plays out.

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