Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Room sharing update

Allie and Andrew have been sharing a room for about 4 months now and things are going better than anticipated.

I was worried that Andrew's nighttime wake-ups would take a toll on Allie but, most of the time, she doesn't even stir.  If he's being particularly fussy, we bring him downstairs to sleep in the portable crib.  (And to be clear, when I say "we" I almost always mean Jonathan.  We partitioned the nights for Andrew care and I only got Wednesday and Friday.  Jonathan's the best.)

There have been a couple nights when Allie woke up in the middle of the night, thought it was morning, and woke Andrew up.  We were less than impressed.  In hopes of curbing that, we got her a light-up kids clock that changes colors at certain times.  We have it set so that it turns yellow at 6am, meaning she can play quietly in her room, and then green at 7am when she can do whatever she wants.  However, the first night she had it she woke up every couple hours and alerted us that it hadn't changed colors yet.  Backfire.

He goes to bed about a half hour before she does so he's usually asleep by the time she comes in.  This is crucial because they like to hang out if they're both awake (see the video monitor photo above).  But they're mostly pleasant even when they're both awake.  She talks to him and does all sorts of entertaining things.  He adores her and she likes him too, as long as he's not breaking her train tracks or chewing on the train cars---both of which happen very often.

I don't know what I expected exactly but sharing a room has been a non-issue.

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  1. Love this picture. They are so stinkin' cute!!!