Thursday, January 22, 2015

Busy Andrew

The past two weeks have been huge for Andrew.  He has learned how to crawl on all fours.  No more army crawling for this guy.

Pardon our dust while we continue to work on our house.
A giant wood board covering a gaping hole in our floor seems like a perfect play spot for a baby... right?
Allie loves the hole that is under the board because she can see into the basement.  She was spying on Jonathan through the hole last night when she declared: "I love this hole!  I want to keep it forever!"
Andrew has also learned to pull himself up.

He even got his name on the honor board of his classroom.  
I think the use of "finally" is a bit dramatic here...
He sprouted another tooth.  This has caused him a lot of anguish, but luckily he loves taking selfies as much as his sister does so that usually cheers him up.

He's eating lots of new food and continuing to adore his big sister.  Even when she's patty-caking his face and trying to get him in trouble for pushing her.

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