Friday, January 9, 2015

Andrew's 6-month check up

Our little guy is growing up fast!  He had his 6-month check-up yesterday and impressed the pediatrician with his strength and his cute smile.

Here are his stats:
Height: 26.5" long (44th percentile)
Weight: 16lbs 4 oz (25th percentile)

He sprouted his first tooth on New Year's Eve and has been loving the new addition to his diet: baby rice cereal and oatmeal.  And he loves the games of peek-a-boo that come with meal time.

Andrew is also Army crawling all over.  Check out the video of him crawling towards me and listen for Allie desperately trying to get my attention.  She is a little envious of his attention.

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  1. All good news! And love the photos. So cute to hear Allie "patiently" waiting for her turn. Gama