Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sick Photographer

Allie, Andrew, and I have been sick for about a week now.  We're all getting a little stir crazy, although Allie not-so-secretly loves being waited on.  I'm pretty sure eating oatmeal off a tray in bed while watching Curious George was a highlight of her year.

When I was asking if she wanted anything to go with her oatmeal, she paused to think about it.  After about 5 seconds, she placed her hand on mine and sweetly said: "Yes... I'd like a spoon too so I can scoop the oatmeal into my mouth."  This girl thinks of everything.  

And Andrew is loving all the TV time he's getting.

In an effort to keep her entertained today, I gave her my phone and showed her how to take pictures.  She walked around for an hour and amassed over a thousand photos.  It was really cool to see things from her perspective.   All of the following unedited photos are taken by Allie.

The back basket of her bike, loaded with toys.

The bell.

Sam, the cat. 

Close-up on the pillow.

"Hi Big Sister!"

Mommy making lunch.

Look how amazed he is by her

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  1. The new Annie Leibovitz. She's got a future in photography!