Monday, November 10, 2014

Party weekend

We had a busy weekend with a birthday party at the local firehouse and a get together with a bunch of families of kids with strokes.

The firehouse was fun.  It was the second birthday party we've been to there.  Allie was scared of the fire engine the first time but was much braver this time around.  When she was going to bed that night, she wanted to read her Curious George goes to the firehouse book.

After the birthday party, we went straight up to Baltimore to visit with the families.  We talked a little about how all the kids have Rightys just like Allie, but she didn't seem to care.  She just wanted to know whose birthday it was and if there would be cake.

She had fun with all the kids.  The oldest girl was 10 years old and is an amazing harp player.  Allie gave it a try and loved it too.  Who would have thought.

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