Monday, November 3, 2014


This year was the best Halloween I've ever had.

Allie was a cowgirl and Andrew was a puppy.  Andrew was a little confused by the whole thing but Allie loved every moment of it.  Their school has a Halloween parade every year so the kids can show off their cool costumes.  Andrew was the parade leader and was concerned with the drummer marching along next to him.  

He lightened up a little once we got home.

Allie was so excited to go trick-or-treating.  She woofed her dinner in record time and anxiously stared out the window waiting for other kids to start.  Once the first wave began, we were off.  Andrew and Jonathan came to a few houses with us but then it was just the two of us going on the candy hunt.

She did such a good job, especially with Righty.  She knocked on all the doors with Righty, picked up the candy with Righty, and put it all in her bucket with Righty.  She got so much candy.  A friend of her's joined us for a few houses and, since he is a year younger than her, she showed him how it was done.  Her little bucket was almost full by the time we finished our neighborhood loop.  After every house, she'd look up at me and say "I want to do MORE houses!  LOTS MORE houses!"

Andrew went to bed shortly after Allie and I got home, then the three of us camped out on the front steps to pass out the rest of our candy.  Allie was the candy distributor and she complimented the kids costumes and wished them all a happy Halloween.  Jonathan and I would chuckle every time she'd shout "That's a cool costume!" to someone.  It was a blast.

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  1. Sounds like a great night. They are so dang cute!!!