Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Botox update

Self portrait, while "helping" me organize her shoes to donate.  

It's been almost two months since Allie had her most recent Botox injections in her right leg.  Things went really well.  So well that I had functionally forgotten about it.  Allie walks more evenly, runs faster, rarely trips, and has a great range of motion.  She's also grown a lot over the last couple months so our timing was perfect in terms of getting some extra stretching in during the growth spurt.

It will be interesting to see how things go as the Botox totally wears off.  The results are supposed to last for about 3 months and we have a follow up with the physiatrist in late January to see how things have evolved.

This time around has been so much more pleasant and helpful that last time.  I'd definitely be open to doing it again, if she needs it.  But, most importantly, I think she would be in favor of getting it again too. 

Here are some more unedited photos from her photo shoot yesterday.   I think they're beautiful!

Cat food

The tray on our ottoman, loaded with her toys

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