Monday, October 6, 2014

"I like the medicine"

The Botox in Allie's leg is starting to kick in and the results are REALLY good.  She's walking more evenly, the range of motion in her ankle is comparable to her left leg, and---the best part---she's thrilled with it.

We keep asking her how her leg is feeling and her usual response is "good".  The other day she went into more detail, saying that the medicine in her leg makes her walk better and not trip as much.  And, she says that she likes how her leg feels.  Talk about affirmation that we did the right thing.

We tried to catch her description on camera and, although we're a little leading in our questions, here she is in her own words.  (Just ignore the fact that she thought I was looking at pictures on my phone and wanted to see too.)  

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