Monday, October 13, 2014

Gymnastics and Botox Follow-up

After much debate and numerous drop in classes, Allie is signed up for gymnastics.

The kids were out of school today for Columbus Day so Jonathan took the day off to cart them around.  Because I like to give him a hard time, I scheduled a drop-in gymnastics class for Allie to try and her follow-up appointment for the Botox.  Love you honey!

The gymnastics class was great.  Allie enjoyed it.  It seemed sufficiently therapeutic.  They had an opening for their Saturday morning class... done.  Turns out that what made this class a sell was much less about Allie and much more about us:  we can drop Allie off and then leave, they have a Starbucks nextdoor with the fancy brewing machine that Jonathan likes, and they let us sign up by the month so there is no huge commitment in case it doesn't work out.  We're envisioning dropping Allie off then leisurely sitting around sipping coffee while she exercises.  That's my kind of class.

After the gymnastics class, the gang trekked down to the Children's Hospital for her check up.  I say trek because traveling to and from the hospital is outrageously stressful, filled with at least one near pedestrian or bus collision per trip.

Before I get to the description of how the appointment went, let me tell you how we think the Botox is going.  I think Allie's walking gait is pretty smooth; I don't think a stranger would notice a limp while she's walking down the street.  I also think her running gait has improved a little, but she still a little uneven.  But, hey, she can run pretty darn fast, which counts for a lot.  I was talking to Allie about her check up last night and that they were going to see how the medicine in her leg is working.  She collapsed to the ground, hugged her right leg, and said "Please don't take the medicine out!"  We talked a little bit about how her leg was feeling and her word of choice was "softer".  I'm sure there is some placebo effect going on there (after all, we did sell her on Botox as the magic medicine that is going to make her walk better and trip less) but I think this is a pretty good endorsement.

Now for the actual evaluation: things look fine and we should stretch more.  That's it.  Last time we had the Botox follow-up, the nurse was in the room for what seemed like 3 minutes and never actually touched Allie.  Jonathan clocked it this visit at 8.5 minutes, but she did check Allie's range of motion so at least there was a little more value added this time.  I guess it's better than a bad appointment...

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