Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Botox complete

Curious George makes everything less scary

Allie got her second round of Botox yesterday and the procedure went very smoothly.  (Much better than the first time.)

We had to be at the Children's Hospital at 5:30am for her 7:30am procedure time.  Allie and Andrew were in shockingly good spirits.  We've been building the day up for weeks so Allie was excited for the present she'd get to open after she woke up from the anesthesia, the mac and cheese and ice cream with sprinkles she'd get to eat when we were home, and the TV she'd get to watch the rest of the day.

We escorted Allie into the procedure room where she was given the option of adding a strawberry bubble gum flavor to her gas.  The anesthesiologist let Allie smell the flavor syrup to see if she liked it.  Allie took a wiff, yelled "Ew!  Yuck!", and made the dozen doctors and nurses in the room laugh.  She was a little scared by the mask but was asleep in 10 seconds.  Then Jonathan and I had to leave.

Andrew wasn't allowed into the room so he hung out with one of Allie's nurses.  When we went to pick him up, the nurse had him smiling and laughing.  The Children's Hospital is great.

Ten minutes later, Allie was in recovery.  She was awake and telling jokes to the nurses by the time we got to her room.  She proudly showed me the still visible injection sites on her leg.  Water was sipped, her present was opened, and we got to leave.  We were back home by 10am for a healthy ice cream and mac and cheese breakfast.

She ended up getting 9 total injections spread between her right calf and shin (specifically in her medial and lateral gastrocnemius muscles and her tibialis anterior).  The Botox starts kicking in after a few days so we shall see how it works for her.

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