Monday, October 20, 2014

A weekend with Papa

Jonathan's dad, Papa, came out to visit this weekend. Here are some of the highlights.

On Friday, Papa and Andrew got some alone time while I caught up on some work and Allie was in school.

On Saturday, Tom and Jonathan did lots of outdoor work with the help of Allie.  She dug holes, diligently and gently planted a weed in the middle of our yard, and watched a huge scoop of dirt get dumped into our truck.

She took a yard work break for her first regular gymnastics class.  She did so well.

That night, we went out to Allie's favorite steak house where she had the biggest bowl of ice cream she's ever seen.  She ate it all.

On Sunday, we all tried to fly Allie's kite.  We weren't terribly successful but Allie loved it.

However, it was chilly and windy and Andrew has had better times.

Thanks for visiting, Papa!

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